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  Recognise these symptoms

 [+] Poor Starting 

 [+] Poor Driveability 

 [+] Excessive

 [+] Uneven Idling 

 [+] Lack of Power 

 [+] Lambda Sensor Problems 

 [+] Catalyst Exhaust Failure 

 [+] Malfunction Indicator
       Light(MIL on EOBD2) 

The ASNU injector diagnostic testing and servicing system provides the complete solution to the problems created by fouled or contaminated injectors.

ASNU will comprehensively test the performance of all types of Top Feed and Side Feed Multi Point as well as Mono/Single Point petrol fuel injectors. Up to eight Top Feed or six Side Feed injectors can be tested or cleaned at one time.

All Injectors can be visually tested for leaks. The spray patterns can be visually examined for correct fuel atomisation. The fuel flow volumes can be physically and visually checked and matched. The solenoid operation, opening / closing of the injectors can be physically and visually checked through a range of RPM and Milisecond settings, something that none of the current Diagnostic Equipment can do.

Once analyzed and results recorded, these injectors can be thoroughly and safely cleaned in ASNU's purpose-built Ultrasonic Cleaning bath using ASNU's patented cleaning process. After ASNU cleaning, the injectors are re-tested and their cleaning perfomance is recorded and compared to initial results before cleaning. ASNU results are exceptional, with ASNU cleaned injectors restoring engine performance, drivability, and economy to ASNEW condition.

Not every injector will pass ASNU's stringent diagnostic tests. It may well be that an injector has a fatal solenoid problem, or a pintle to seat deterioration or damaged internal O-ring seals that cannot be fixed. The very fact that ASNU can diagnose these faults saves time in determining that a bad or faulty injector may need to be replaced, and not cleaned.

Prevention is better than cure!

By servicing the injectors with ASNU during the major service intervals, the motorist will save money. Over a period of time, considerable savings will be made with regard to:

  • Improved fuel economy. Tests have shown that fuel economy improves after injectors are serviced.
  • Lower repair bills. Correct fuel distribution and atomization will reduce lacquering of the inlet valves and wear on the valve guides as well as detonation occurring in the cylinder, and carbon build up on the exhaust valves.
  • Prolonged Lambda Sensor Life - Lacquering of the Sensor is caused by poor fuel combustion; it will also slow down response time of the Lambda Sensor, contributing further to the problem.
  • Prolonged life of the Catalytic Converted Exhaust System. Designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, some very expensive catalytic Converters are being replaced after only three years due to clogging. Preventing these problems will help save precious resources and protect our environment.

Exhaust pollution

In a recent project carried out by one of the UK's leading Automotive Technical Colleges, ASNU Injector Servicing reduced CO (Carbon Monoxide) pollution on average by 36%.