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[ Q ]   What is Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI?

[ A ]   EFI cars do not have a carburetor. The carburetor is replaced by solenoid controlled injectors which inject the precise quantity of fuel into the engine through the inlet port. The brain of any EFI system is the computer or ECM, which is located in the passenger compartment.

[ Q ]   Do injectors require service?

[ A ]   Yes. Almost all EFI related problems are due to fuel contamination. Micro contaminants, carbon and varnish build up in the fine galleries of the injectors. This creates a resistance to flow and results in miss fire.

[ Q ]   What are the benefits of injector cleaning by the ASNU?

[ A ]   There are several benefits to you and the environment. The most important benefit is better mileage and lesser fuel emission. A clean injector injects fuel in the right quantity and at the precise time resulting in better combustion in the engine. This finally results in better economy, more power and reduced tail pipe emissions.

[ Q ]   Can you really repair my injectors by cleaning?

[ A ]   Yes. Our machine the ASNU cleans the injectors in minutes, using high pressure and ultra sound. After the cleaning process is complete you can yourself, realize the results by viewing the spray pattern and by measuring the static flow rate.

[ Q ]   Do injectors fail?

[ A ]   Injectors rarely fail electrically. They mostly fail hydraulically i.e. due presence of dirt and contaminants.