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There are two main types of injectors, Mechanical and Electronic.

The popular K-Jetronic mechanical type ceased to be original equipment standard in 1993 after more than 30 years service to the majority of vehicle manufacturers, to make way for the more environmentally efficient electronic injector.

Electronic injectors are solenoid actuated, controlled by the engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Due to its excellent development techniques, the Bosch EVI has been in worldwide production for more than 25 years, and it is still possible to adapt the injector to suit a variety of air induction and fuel supply systems, whereby different fuel spray and volume delivery rates are required in order to comply with various vehicle manufacturers needs.

Robert Bosch GmbH alone produces over 1100 variations of the electronic fuel injector valve.

Side Feed & Mono Point Injector Adaptor Blocks

ASNU's range of Side Feed and Single/Mono Point Injector Adaptor blocks allow quick and easy testing of all injectors currently in use.

Because of ASNU's unique modular design, if and when new injectors are developed, new adaptor blocks and/or couplings can be produced quickly and economically to test the injectors.